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Is vs Are in English Grammar Is and Are, are two words that are used differently as singular and plural respectively. It should be noted that both ‘is’ and ‘are ...

Implementing an interface consumes very little CPU, because it's not a class, just a bunch of names, and therefore there isn't any expensive look-up to do. It's great when it matters, such as in embedded devices.

Stocks are simply shares of individual companies. Here’s how it works: say a company has made it through its start-up phase and has become successful. The owners wish to expand, but they are unable to do so solely through the income they earn through their operations. As a result, they can turn to the financial markets for additional financing. One way to do this is to split the company up into “shares,” and then sell a portion of these shares on the open market in a process known as an “ initial public offering ,” or IPO. A person who buys Stock, is therefore buying an actual share of the company, which makes him or her a part owner – however small. This is why Stock is also referred to as “equity.”

Difference between talking and dating someone

Difference between talking and dating someone